Meet The Team

Paul – Founder
Even though Paul has been running the business for coming up to 20 years, he originally came from an engineering background. Though he can get a little nerdy when it comes to the manufacture and tech that goes into today's beds and the like, he loves nothing more than the face to face encounters with customers
Kaylie – Store Manager
Kaylie has been with Paul Antony pretty much from day dot, and has worked in furniture retail most of her working life. She has a great understanding of what it is our customers need, even if the customer does not realise it at the time. With the reviews received as well as chocolates we are sure our customers think so too.
Ciaran – Sales/Deliveries/Warehousing
Ciaran started work with us back in 2017. Originally employed to work in the warehouse and carry out deliveries it soon became clear that Ciaran was well liked when out at customers premises. He has since been trained in sales where he adds to our sales team in store.
David – Website/Social/Data
David joined us after carrying out a degree in computer studies. And though we are a bit of an old-fashioned business we are sure with David’s help we will be dragged into the 21st Century. And with our new website to be launched in spring 2022 we hope that we can offer the same great service in store or in your own front room.
Sasha the Dog - Chief Morale Officer
We can't forget about Sasha. Whom joined us 7 years ago, and though does not contribute in the same way as people listed above, she is still a valued member of the team. She loves nothing more that a pat on the head and a good belly rub.
So that’s a bit about us. And we would love to see you in-store sometime soon, or give us a call if you have a question or query that we may be able to help you with.
Best Regards
Paul Antony