Buckingham 1000 Mattress


£369.95 - £709.95

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  • 1000 Pocket Sprung
  • Tufted Mattress
  • Damask Cover

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  • 1000 Pocket Sprung
  • Damask Cover
  • Tufted Mattress

Introducing unparalleled support and timeless elegance: The High Pocket Spring Count Firm Fillings Divan Bed. Crafted to elevate your sleep experience with sophistication and comfort, this bed combines advanced technology with exquisite detailing for a truly luxurious rest.

At its core, this divan bed boasts a high pocket spring count of 1,000, meticulously arranged to offer exceptional support and comfort. Each pocket spring operates independently, responding to your body''s contours and ensuring optimal spinal alignment throughout the night. With firm fillings, this bed provides the perfect balance of support and comfort, promoting restful sleep night after night.

Topping the pocket springs is a premium Source 5 damask top and border, exuding opulence and durability. This luxurious fabric not only enhances the bed''s aesthetic appeal but also offers enhanced fire resistance for peace of mind. The traditionally tufted top adds a touch of sophistication while securing the fillings in place, preventing them from shifting over time.

Completing the ensemble is a side stitch effect damask border, adding a refined finish to the bed''s design. This border not only enhances the bed''s visual appeal but also reinforces its edges, providing additional support and durability.

Designed to seamlessly complement any bedroom decor, the High Pocket Spring Count Firm Fillings Divan Bed radiates elegance and sophistication. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, while its timeless design ensures it remains a centrepiece of comfort and luxury for years to come.

Experience the epitome of support and elegance with the High Pocket Spring Count Firm Fillings Divan Bed – where every night promises indulgent relaxation and rejuvenation.




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7-14 Days