Bonnell Capture Divan Bed


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  • Bonnell Spring Unit
  • Memory Foam
  • Fully Turnable
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  • Bonnell Spring Unit
  • Memory Foam
  • Fully Turnable

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Stylish and Affordable Bonnell Capture Divan bed Set will look good in any bedroom. This bed offers an attractive combination of contemporary style and ample storage space. This Divan bed mattress features 13.5g bonnell springs with memory foam side as well as a traditional filling side, an ideal starter hybrid with medium soft support.

This divan bed is shown here with a standard base and a square headboard. Available in a variety of drawer and size options, the Bonnell Divan bed Set makes for a stylish way of enhancing your comfort and support levels.

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  • 13.5g Bonnell spring unit
  • Memory Foam
  • Dual Purpose
  • Medium Support
  • Fully Turnable
  • Easy to Clean


Size Width Length
2''6 Small Single 75cm 190cm
3''0 Single
90cm 190cm
4''0 Small Double
4''6 Double
5''0 King Size 150cm
6''0 Super King Size 180cm 200cm

Dual-sided Mattress Description

Introducing our Dual-Side Mattress – a revolutionary sleep solution designed for those who crave consistency and flexibility in their sleep experience. Crafted with precision and innovation, this mattress offers the unique feature of having the same tension level on both sides, allowing you to enjoy a consistently balanced and supportive surface, regardless of which side you choose.

Key Features:

1.Symmetrical Tension: Our dual-side mattress maintains the same tension level on both sides, providing a uniform feel and support throughout. This unique design allows you to flip or rotate the mattress without compromising on your preferred level of firmness, ensuring a consistent sleep experience.

2.Extended Mattress Lifespan: The dual-sided mattress feature enhances the durability of the mattress by promoting even wear and tear. This ensures that you can enjoy the same level of comfort and support for an extended period, making it a wise investment in your sleep quality.

3.Customisable Sleep Experience: Enjoy the freedom to choose your sleep surface without compromising on tension. Whether you rotate or flip the mattress, you''ll experience consistent support, allowing you to adapt your sleep environment to your liking.

4.Consistent Support: The primary advantage of a dual-sided mattress with the same firmness on both sides is the consistent support it provides. Sleepers can enjoy a uniform level of firmness, whether they choose to sleep on one side or the other. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who have a specific firmness preference for their mattress.

Experience the perfect balance of support and customisation with our Dual-Side Mattress – a cutting-edge sleep solution that puts you in control of your comfort. Transform your sleep routine and enjoy the flexibility to choose your ideal sleep surface without compromise.

Bonnell Sprung Mattress Description

A Bonnell spring mattress is a type of innerspring mattress that features a specific coil design known as the Bonnell coil. Named after the inventor, this type of coil is one of the oldest and most widely used innerspring designs. Here''s a description of a Bonnell spring mattress:

1.Coil Construction:

The core support system of a Bonnell spring mattress is made up of Bonnell coils. These hourglass-shaped coils are interconnected with helical wires, forming a network of springs across the mattress.

2.Hourglass Shape:

Bonnell coils have an hourglass shape, where the middle part of the coil is narrower, and the top and bottom are wider. This design allows for flexibility and compression, contributing to the mattress''s ability to contour to the body''s shape.

3.Interconnected Springs:

The individual Bonnell coils are connected to each other with helical wires, creating a system where the springs work together. This interconnected structure provides overall support and helps distribute weight evenly across the mattress.

4.Supportive Core:

The Bonnell coil system forms the supportive core of the mattress. The coils work together to provide a foundation that supports the body''s natural curves and alignment during sleep.

5.Firmness and Support:

Bonnell spring mattresses are known for their firmness and support. The interconnected coils offer a stable and robust foundation, making these mattresses suitable for individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.


Bonnell spring mattresses are generally durable and can withstand regular use. The interconnected coil design contributes to the mattress''s ability to maintain its shape and structural integrity over an extended period.


Bonnell spring mattresses are often more budget-friendly compared to mattresses with more advanced spring systems or specialty materials. This makes them a popular choice for those looking for an affordable yet supportive mattress option.

While Bonnell spring mattresses offer firm support and durability, personal preferences vary. Individuals who enjoy a firmer mattress and are looking for a budget-friendly option may find a Bonnell spring mattress suitable for their needs. However, those who prioritise motion isolation or prefer a softer feel may explore other mattress types.

Memory Foam Mattress Description

A memory foam mattress is a type of mattress that is constructed using memory foam as its primary support and comfort material. Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam, is a high-density material that responds to heat and pressure, conforming to the shape of the body. Here''s a description of a memory foam mattress:

1.Memory Foam Layers:

The mattress is made predominantly of memory foam layers, which can vary in thickness and density. These layers are responsible for providing the primary support and contouring properties that are characteristic of memory foam mattresses.

2.Viscoelastic Properties:

Memory foam is viscoelastic, meaning it responds to heat and pressure. When it comes into contact with body heat, it softens and moulds to the shape of the body, providing a customised and supportive sleeping surface.

3.Contouring Support:

One of the key features of memory foam mattresses is their ability to contour to the unique shape of an individual''s body. This contouring support helps distribute body weight evenly, relieving pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment.

4.Pressure Point Relief:

Memory foam mattresses are known for their excellent pressure point relief. The material conforms to the natural curves of the body, reducing pressure on areas such as the shoulders, hips, and knees, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with joint pain.

5.Motion Isolation:

Memory foam has the ability to absorb and isolate motion, meaning movements on one side of the bed are less likely to be felt on the other side. This characteristic is beneficial for couples, as it minimises disruptions during sleep.

6.Hypoallergenic Properties:

Memory foam is inherently resistant to allergens like dust mites and mould. This makes memory foam mattresses a good choice for individuals with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.


High-quality memory foam mattresses are durable and can maintain their shape and supportive properties over an extended period. Durability can be influenced by factors such as foam density and overall mattress construction.

8.Temperature Sensitivity:

Memory foam is temperature-sensitive, meaning it softens in response to body heat. Some modern memory foams are designed with enhanced breathability and cooling properties to address concerns about heat retention.

9.Base Support Layer:

Memory foam mattresses typically include a supportive base layer. This layer, often made of high-density foam, provides a stable foundation for the memory foam comfort layers and contributes to the overall durability of the mattress.

When considering a memory foam mattress, factors such as foam density, mattress thickness, and the overall construction play a crucial role in determining the mattress''s feel, performance, and longevity. It''s important to choose a memory foam mattress that aligns with your specific comfort preferences and sleep needs.

Natural Fibre Mattress Description

A natural fibres mattress is a type of mattress that is crafted using materials derived from natural sources, such as plants, animals, or minerals. These mattresses are known for their eco-friendly and sustainable characteristics. Here''s a description of a natural fibres’ mattress, emphasising its key features:

1.Comfort Layers:

Wool: Wool is a common natural fibre used in the comfort layers of the mattress. It provides natural temperature regulation by wicking away moisture, keeping the sleeper cool in summer and warm in winter. Wool also offers a luxurious, plush feel and serves as a natural flame retardant.

2.Fire Retardants:

Natural Fire Retardants: Instead of synthetic fire retardants, natural fibres mattresses may use materials like wool, which naturally possesses fire-resistant properties. This allows the mattress to meet safety standards without relying on added chemicals.

3.Hypoallergenic Properties:

Allergen Resistance: Natural fibres like latex and wool are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mould. This makes them suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.


Sustainability: Natural fibres mattresses are often considered more environmentally friendly due to the use of renewable resources. These mattresses are typically biodegradable, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly end-of-life cycle.

Natural fibres mattresses appeal to those who prioritise environmentally conscious and health-conscious choices. However, individual preferences for mattress firmness and feel should be considered, as the specific combination of natural materials can result in varying levels of comfort.

Medium Firmness Description

Introducing our Medium Firmness Mattress – a perfect balance between support and comfort, designed to provide an optimal sleep experience for a wide range of preferences. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this mattress is engineered to cater to those seeking a supportive yet plush surface for a restful night''s sleep.

Key Features:

1.Supportive Core: The medium firmness mattress features a robust support core that provides a stable foundation for your body. The carefully selected materials and construction ensure proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain.

2.Comfort Layer: At the heart of the mattress is a comfort layer that strikes the ideal balance between softness and firmness. This layer contours to your body''s natural curves, offering pressure relief without sacrificing the necessary support.

3.Versatile Sleep Experience: The medium firmness level is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, this mattress provides a supportive surface that adapts to your preferred sleeping position.

4.Adaptable Design: The medium firmness level is versatile enough to accommodate various sleep preferences. It strikes a harmonious balance, providing enough firmness for support while offering a touch of softness for a luxurious feel.

Experience the best of both worlds with our Medium Firmness Mattress – a thoughtful combination of support and comfort that caters to your individual sleep needs. Transform your nightly routine into a rejuvenating experience, waking up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

.Please Note: Firmness ratings are subjective and dependant on the users weight. But should you wish to try in store just pop in and we can show you all of the collection of beds and mattress we have on display at Paul Antony.

Unless otherwise stated all headboards, pillows and bedding sold separately.



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